Catch consists of only a very small amount of image sets, which are:

Set Files
Fruits fruit-apple fruit-grapes fruit-orange fruit-pear
Fruit-overlays fruit-apple-overlay fruit-grapes-overlay fruit-orange-overlay fruit-pear-overlay
Bananas fruit-bananas fruit-bananas-overlay
Drops fruit-drop fruit-drop-overlay
Catcher fruit-catcher-idle(-#) fruit-catcher-kiai(-#) fruit-catcher-fail(-#)
Other comboburst-fruits(-#) lighting

Fruits and Fruit-overlays

The four fruit images (apple, grapes, orange, pear) work like the hitcircle and sliderstartcircles in osu!standard. The fruits are tinted with the combo colours; however, unlike osu!standard, where each comboset uses the same combo colour, the individual fruits cycle through the combo colours (but slider trail, ticks, and end will use the same colour as its start fruit). They appear in this order: pear, grapes, apple, orange, and repeat.

Fruits and their overlays are the same size as a hitcircle, 128x128 (SD) with their origin point being the center. Most skinners would make all of the fruits the same and it is common to use simple shapes.

Fruit overlays do not get tinted but should not be used in place of the fruit itself! This is because the hyperdash outlines are rendered based on the fruit itself, not the fruit’s overlay.

Drops (Juice Streams)

Juice streams are the equivalent of the osu!standard sliders and made up of drops and droplets. A drop is bigger in comparision to a droplet, but they both use the same element, thus, droplets are downscaled to be smaller. They have a size of 128x128 with their origin point being the center. Drops (and droplets) do have an overlay but it is transparent by default.


Bananas are separate from the other fruits; despite being a fruit, they are used in place of osu!standard spinners. Bananas and its overlay has a size of 128x128 with its origin point being the centre. These will always be tinted in shades of yellow and orange.


The catcher is basically the cursor of osu!catch. There are three states: idle, kiai, and fail. Idle will be used during normal gameplay, kiai will be used in the kiai time, and fail will be used when you miss a note (which will override idle and kiai, whichever is shown right now). When hyperdashing, these will leave a few after images behind that will expand.

These have a minimum width of 302px and the first 16 horizontal lines from the top of them should be empty (the hitbox is 16 horizontal lines from the top of these images). Catchers normally are pictured holding some kind of plate on top of their heads. The fruits, when caught, will go through the catcher until their hitboxes are hit and stay there until the comboset is completed. If the plate is too thin, it will appear as if it is clipping through the plate. Thus, many skinners design their catchers in a way to make sure this doesn’t happen (usually by making the plate a little taller).


comboburst-fruits(-#) works just like combobursts for standard. lighting is shared with standard and pulsates on the catch line where fruits gonna drop during kiai time.

Shared elements

The following elements are shared with other parts of osu!:

Playfield design

There are two things to take into account when you design the playfield elements: the margins and the area of focus.


Since the playfield is always 4:3, it possible to decorate the left and right margins of the screen without covering the playfield. The combo numbers are placed in the middle of the screen, above the catcher. This means that the player will always see them and that you could take this into account when designing them.

In 4:3, there are no margins. Thus there is really no where else to place an image anywhere without having to go inside the playfield. In 16:9 and 21:9, there should be enough room to place an image inside the margins (in red) on either side, but 16:10 might not.

Area of focus

Avoid making a big scorebar that covers most of the top of the playfield. Remember that the fruits fall down from the top of the screen and it could shorten the field of view drastically if the scorebar is too big. Many players are looking from the combo number and above to position the catcher, if their view is blocked, it may deter them from using your skin.

Skin configuration

osu!catch has three unique skin configuration commands:

Make sure the HyperDash colour stands out!

Shared commands

osu!catch shares these skin configuration commands with other modes:


This section of the tutorial is based on the osu wikis catch skinning tutorial, which since has been removed from the osu-wiki.